Sunday, May 30, 2010

Internet Woes at Thousand Trails Natchez Trace

It is beautiful here in this huge park.  800,000 acres! 

But, there’s one mighty big problem for us … Lousy Internet.

We certainly didn’t expect Wi-Fi at the sites here, but I did check the Verizon coverage map before we came and it showed full digital Verizon coverage throughout the park.  Our site is where X marks the spot – and the dark pink color is supposed to mean there is full digital coverage.  There are plenty of places, even nearby, where you can see big white spots representing holes in the digital coverage – so it seems like an honest map.


Well, it does work – slowly – at 3am!  But, I couldn’t keep a connection with either voice or data at any other time of day. 

So, I brought my laptop up the hill to the Rec Center where there is Wi-Fi.  Even with nobody in the center but me – it was too slow to be useable.  Luckily the Verizon signal is better up the hill though – so I tethered my Droid cellphone to the computer and that’s how I’m able to make this post.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

And, surprise,surprise, I can find other things to do besides working on the Internet!  We went for a paddle this afternoon.  This is called the Natchez Trace Wilderness Preserve … and it lives up to it’s name!


C said...

People at our park have had issues with T-mobile. Same thing - the map seems to be legitimate and specific, but they cannot get coverage right here. I recommend that they call and make it known, as customers. Still have not seen any change.

We also work our tails off to try to make the wifi decent. We only have 20 sites, and have added a second DSL wifi connection. It can still drag, because wifi is now a necessity. Age no longer matters. It's across the board. My whole park is always online. Am considering a third line, or letting people rent repeaters that they can have right inside their rig.

Thankfully, we just had stay with us for two months, and I let them tweek and recommend and we made several changes. My mission is to one day have adequate wifi for all techno geek nomads.

The county telephone cooperative does not seem to share my passion.


Unknown said...

We have Verizon also and so far have had fairly good experiences - in Oceano, Santa Rosa and now Morro Bay. We have Mi-Fi. We are heading for Pfeiffer Big Sur after this. It is critical to have good internet there as it is such a small town. Know anything about Big Sur area and coverage?