Friday, May 07, 2010

Two Web-based Conferences in One Day

Yesterday was truly Geeky!  A web-based meeting with Google in California, and a Webinar we presented with the folks at Mobile RV Academy in Texas. All from the comfort(?) of our RV in Florida.

In the afternoon I was part of a Web ‘Meetup’ with the folks at Google’s Picasa group.  The founders of were also there and they answered questions about this latest acquisition of Google’s.  How exciting that must be to have your company purchased by Google!  And, it’s pretty exciting news for Picasa users too. allows you to do even more editing to your pictures than in Picasa – and it’s completely web based. 

But the cool thing for me was to be part of this meeting in California without leaving my RV in Florida.  I just browsed to the specified web address and logged in – I could see Jaysie from Google, who we met last November on our visit.  I was a little scared at first that they were going to ask everyone to turn on their webcams and be visible … I was not presentable!  I was able to ask questions, and I got to ‘meet’ some of the ‘Top Contributors’ from the Picasa Help Forum – like Don Lind who is not only a wealth of information but really takes the time to fully answer the questions.

Then, last night, both Jim and I were connected via Go To Webinar to the folks from Mobile RV Academy and an audience of mostly Workamper News members.  We (mostly Jim) presented our entire Connecting to the Internet on the Road seminar.  One and a half hours!  It went great.  It was recorded – we’ll probably be able to make it available for our Geeks on Tour members soon.

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heyduke50 said...

pretty cool ap picnik is... thanks for the pointer...