Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gabbing with the Geeks

My good friend, Melinda, has a special word tattooed on her ankle … ‘Kaizen.’  It means roughly ‘constant improvement.’  She’s a teacher – so am I.  We’re both constantly finding new things to learn and teach as well as new ways to teach it.  For her that meant going from teaching at risk kids in High School, to using horses for ‘Equine Assisted Teaching.’ 

For me it means constantly learning new Web-based technologies.  I’ve been learning a lot about Wordpress, and I think it is the best platform (now) for building dynamic websites.  I don’t want to mess with my current website ( for fear of having dead time in between, so we’re starting a whole new website so we can use the Wordpress platform and Wishlist Member for our membership site management.  This should make it quicker and easier to add and organize our content.  With over 190 tutorial videos and the same or greater number of written articles, I’m getting  a bit overloaded just managing what’s there, let alone adding new stuff.

We especially want to add more features for our members to interact with us and each other.  So, for starters, we made a little video we’re calling ‘Gabbing with the Geeks.’  It’s posted on the new wordpress site (www.GeeksOnTour.TV) and you can leave a comment if you go there to watch it. 


There’s not much else on that site yet.  All our tutorial videos are still on GeeksOnTour.COM.  We’re working on it!

The main thing that prompted us to record a little video was the remote appearance we made at the Massachusetts Good Sam Club’s ‘Samboree.’  Bob Brown is the main organizer for their get-together, and he is also a happy member of Geeks on Tour.  He really wanted us to share our information with his group, but there was no way we could be in Massachusetts in May.  As geeky as we are, we did not come up with the solution (a case of cobbler’s children having no shoes?)  It took Bob to suggest that we use Skype and he would project our video-teleconference on the screen at their rally.  Brilliant!

So that’s what we did.  We were on a campground Wi-Fi Internet connection and they were on a Verizon data card.  The result was a little choppy.  It sure was a great idea though, and one we will continue to pursue and perfect – this was our first try.  We also sent them a club copy of our DVD full of tutorial videos so they were able to play a few of those as part of our ‘seminar.’


Keith and Kathy said...

Almost 200 videos, an even more articles; we marvel at your productivity! Will you be at Nick Russel's rally in Elkhart, or at the 50th Escapee Escepade in September? We will be at both, and would look forward to seeing you at one or the other.

Chris Guld said...

Hey Keith and Kathy,
YES! We'll be at both the Gypsy Journal and Escapade.