Thursday, May 27, 2010

Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park

Nice Spot – Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park.  We stayed 2 nights.  Good Verizon signal for tethering our Droids to do our computer work.
Map picture
Had a nice walk on the nature trail, and a wonderful site right on the water.
I love the summer sunlight!  I was able to put in a full 8 hour workday and still had plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings.  From 6-8am I answered emails and posted to blogs.  From 10-4 I wrote the first draft of our monthly newsletter.  Jim helped me write the article on ‘Have you Been Hacked?’, I wrote about Picasa’s new addition ‘’ and a MS Streets and Trips tip on navigating full screen.  You can get a preview at Geeks on Tour May Newsletter.  Or you can wait for the email which I should be sending out today to all Newsletter Subscribers.
With plenty of sunlight left, we put the kayaks in the water and had a delightful tour of Blackshear Lake and the Cypress Tress in the water.  Here's a video, including the kayak paddle we took thru the Cypress trees. Please be patient for the video to start ... if this high-quality video doesn’t work for you, here it is on Youtube  You can view this video in a larger format by clicking the icon at the lower right (just hover your mouse over the bottom and you'll see the icons)


Karen and Al said...

Very nice video, and thanks to Willie for the song.

Jeff said...

Excellent video! How appropriate with the choice of music you included.

Anonymous said...

Very cool vid!
(Tried dropping you an email, but not sure if it went through?)
Would love to see blog with more info on your kayaks. A couple kayaks seem like a great addition to a RV.