Sunday, May 02, 2010

Polynesian Festival

Mom happened to see a notice for a Polynesian Festival and she cut it out of the paper.  What a treat! Right here in our city of Oakland Park (in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area.)  And, it was at Jaco Pastorius park, named after a jazz musician that Jim was familiar with – apparently a local boy.  Jim had just been reading about this park named after Jaco because of his tragic story.  Successful musician, killed in a bar fight.

Anyway, the festival and the entertainment were provided by the Polynesian Cultural Association.  Jim and I, Lynne and John, and Mom took a few hours yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the festival.  Mom even dressed in her Polynesian best.

Come to find out there is a dance studio where you can learn to do this dancing … Ooooh that would be so much fun.

Samoan Bouncer?  Actually – this guy was very friendly … he danced and made baskets too.

Face painting was also a popular activity for the day.

Here's a short video:

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