Tuesday, January 25, 2011

‘Geek Week’ at Holiday Travel Resort

We’re here in Leesburg, Florida at the request of our friend, Roxie.  She is active in the computer club here and this is the second year that she booked us for a week to present seminars and our hands-on Computer Boot Camp.

Map picture

We had a nice turnout for our Picasa seminar yesterday.  Tomorrow is How to Make Blog – Free and Easy, and Thursday is Using Google Earth.  Then we do our hands-on class on Friday, “Computer Boot Camp: What you need to know about your Laptop and Windows 7 / Vista”

This is a great place to go walking, and Roxie has 3 dogs!  As we walk, others join us along the way.  I guess we’ve traded in Happy Hour for ‘Yappy Hour’!

We've replaced Happy Hour with Yappy Hour here at Holiday Travel Resort

We don’t have time to actually participate in many activities, but, during our walk, we noticed line dancing and were impressed by the large group.  We did partake of the hot tub last night … and slept really good afterward too!

Line Dancing class at Holiday Travel Resort

We so appreciate all of Roxie’s efforts to promote Geeks on Tour!  Wonder if she’s looking for work as a Geek Agent Smile


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