Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hands-On Computer Boot Camp

Our 'Geek Week' at Holiday Travel Resort ended with our hands-on Computer Boot Camp.
Hands on Computer Class at Holiday Travel Resort
The first time we offered this class, we taught it in a 6 week / 2 nights a week format.  Then we did it in a 2 day format.  This class was one day, and it is a completely revamped class based on Windows 7 - no XP computers allowed!  When we teach it at the FMCA rallies, we do it in 4 hours over two evenings.  It really needs the 6 weeks!  But, each student gets a workbook and a DVD of videos, so they can use that as a self-study course.  I figure if, during the hands on class, they understand how to use the DVD, and pick up a couple of pointers - then it's been a valuable use of their time.
We had some seriously glazed-over eyes by the end of the day, but I think everyone learned something.  And, I've given them homework via a special forum set up just for the class.

Here's the outline:

'What you Need to Know about your Laptop and Windows 7'
Session One

  • The Most Important Feature of Vista/Windows 7: Search
  • On/Off, Sleep and Restart
  • Closing the Lid
  • Turning it off
  • Restart, aka Reboot
  • Know Your Laptop
  • Your computer’s ‘Properties’
  • Your Computer’s storage—Disk Drives
  • Keyboard, Mouse and Touchpad
  • Mouse and Touchpad settings.
  • Connectors and Other Controls
  • Security
  • Software Protecting your Computer
  • Word Processing
  • Saving a file in Vista/Windows 7
  • Another Letter with ‘Save As…’

Session Two

  • Exploring the Contents of your Computer
  • Customize your Windows Explorer Screen
  • Identify Your Computer’s Users
  • Your Documents
  • File Management
  • 1. Copy files from Disk to Computer
  • 2. Making Folders, Copying Files from DVD to Computer
  • 3. Backup
  • 4. Renaming a Folder
  • 5. Deleting a Folder
  • 6. Recovering a Folder from the Recycle Bin
  • To Empty the Recycle Bin
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Browsing the Web
  • Go directly to a website
  • Boot Camp Membership to Geeks on Tour
  • The name of your forum is:
  • Boot Camp Videos
If you might be interested in us presenting this class at your park or Rally, let us know OK? The preferred format is 2 days/6 hrs each day. The cost is $120 per couple sharing one computer. This includes the book and DVD. You can also purchase the book and DVD separately for $20.

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