Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One One One One One

Today is January 11, 2011 or 1/11/11.  Cool.

But I can’t say that today rates a #1 on any kind of grading scale.  We are in Tampa for the RV Super Show.  It sure did feel great to get the wheels rolling yesterday.  Our RV hasn’t moved from our site in Fort Lauderdale since early last November.  Here we are at our site for the week.


Pretty exciting huh?  Smile  It is convenient though … the exhibit hall is that building right in front of us.  Jim will be working at the booth for Paradise Island RV Park all week.  This is part of his work camping job.  We’re not here as Geeks on Tour at all.  It feels like we’re in cognito or something!  If you’re at the show, you’ll find him at booth A35.  The manager and a few others from the parent company will also be here, so I get to spend most of my time home at the computer and maybe get caught up with some development work.  There is no Wi-Fi here, but the Verizon signal is pretty good.

This is a very large RV show … it behooves us to take a little time to check out the merchandise.  I think we can get one more season out of our wonderful, but old, Safari Class C – it’s a 97.  But sometime within the next year we need a newer RV.  We have our eyes on the ‘Super Cs’ – like this Diesel Seneca from JaycoClass C Motorhomes - Seneca HD Jayco Dealer

We especially like the floor plan that includes a bunk bed area in the rear slide.  We would take out the bunks and use that area for office space.


We’d be looking for a used one, and I believe they only have new RVs at the show …so I expect we’ll be driving back to Fort Lauderdale in ‘Oh Boy’


Kathy and Robert said...

That is one sweet "Class C"! I've noticed more and more of those on the roads. I know you'll find just the perfect one...like the idea for your office!
Enjoy the show!
Blessings, Kathy

Trailer fan in Salem said...

I bet being in Tampa was a lot of fun for the RV Super Show. I love the RV you have posted at the bottom of your post! I've been looking at trailers in Salem in the hopes of finding something that has similar design to that. I agree that the floor plan looks great.