Thursday, January 13, 2011

RV Show, Friends and Radio Show

So, we looked around the RV Show a bit yesterday.  We saw motorhomes ranging from $80,000 to $377,000 – and didn’t really see anything we liked.  We keep looking for rigs that have flexible floor plans – like the bunkhouse plans where we could take out the bunks and put in an office.  It is so surprising to me that we don’t see any models with office desks already in them.  I *know* we’re not the only ones that want computer desks in our RV! 
There is a furniture maker displaying their wares at the show.  I really like this cool little corner computer desk by Brad and Hall.
Guess who’s parked right next door to us?!  Flakey!
For those of you who know Flakey – aka Henry Gartner – you may have been worried about him like we were after knowing that he lost is sweet wife Kathy.  She passed away early last year.  We are happy to report that Henry is still traveling in his RV and doing his Flakey the Clown routine.  He’s made it thru the toughest times, and his spirits are high as life goes on.  He still has his bunny rabbits for company – and Odie was especially glad to see them.

This morning, we did something really different – we were interviewed for an online radio show podcast by John and Kathy Huggins of   Jim was drooling over all the microphones and sound equipment.  We had a great time chatting with John and Kathy.  They have been fulltime RVers nearly as long as we have.  That always give you something to talk about.  As soon as we hear that the podcast has been posted, I'll give you a link so you can listen to it.  Unless I find that I said something really stupid, in which case Jim will give you the link! Smile  (here's the link: Living The RV Dream Interviews Geeks on Tour

If you’re coming to the Tampa Super Show, be sure to stop by booth A35.  I’m not there because I’m working on the revision of our Boot Camp Book.  So Jim is giving away our old ones – including a DVD with lots of our tutorial videos.


Donna aka Froggi said...

Dang, we missed you guys!!! Really enjoyed the show though...

Jeff & Barbie said...

Went by the booth yesterday and Jim was busy with others chatting so we figured we'd get back later. Well....we ran into several of our friends we hadn't seen in awhile,got caught up with what they've been up to, checked out some rvs, checked out vendors over at Expo Hall and walked & walked & walked. So we never got back to chat with Jim...we'll see ya down the road.