Thursday, April 28, 2011


I had my first business meeting in the new RV - I'm helping Sherine Bichara learn how to use Blogger to do a website for her company SB Cosmetics.  Wow ... what a concept!  I can actually have someone inside this RV.  The last time Sherine came over I had her meet me in the park's clubhouse.

Sherine visits my new office to work on her website for SB Cosmetics
Jim was working in the park office today (Wed/Thu/Fri - all season), while I ran errands getting copies of keys made and looking for some kind of temporary computer desk.  We know we can't keep the table and chairs - I need a desk.  We will probably end up with something custom-built, but I need something to use right now.  I didn't find anything.  Today I'll visit the local Habitat store and see if they have anything.
After work, we had company!  Company who brought champagne!

Jo, Johanna, Mac, and Jo Ellen help us with a housewarming!

Unbelieveable!  We actually have a living room.  It is SO comortable.  Everyone who visits is amazed at how it feels more like an apartment than an RV.  This floorplan is so unique - it divides the coach into 3 distinct living areas.
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After that first housewarming, we picked up my Mom and Jim's Dad and brought them over for a visit.  Guess what?!  They liked it too!  I forgot to take a picture ... darn.
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Linda Payne said...

I can't wait to see your new home! We'll see you at the RVSEF Conference next week!

Chris said...

That floor plan is to die for.... Looks like a small apartment instead of a RV. I could learn to live in one like that.
Good for you guys.