Saturday, April 30, 2011

Settling in to our New Motorhome

.I am SOO over my buyer's remorse!  This motorhome is a castle fit for a queen.  I watched the Royal Wedding yesterday and thought about how my life is a fairy tale as well.  Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

Jim has been up at 5am and stayed up till past midnight attaching stuff to walls, finding nooks and crannies to store stuff, mounting the main - big TV to a full motion mount so it can be aimed at the couch - and, putting together a new computer desk we bought at Staples.

Jim assembles our new computer desk.

The finished office (for now)
Some people who have seen it say, that's nice, but where is Jim going to work?  Uhhh - didn't you see the picture above?  That *IS* Jim's work ... taking care of his princess and the castle!    Right now, Jim can use his laptop on the little pull out table by the easy chairs - and we'll probably figure something else out later.  Like a Jotto desk or something.
It's Party Time!
I am so amazed at how nice it feels to be able to have company over.  Comfortably! (Thanks to Richard for the pictures)

So now, it's time to Stow and Go.  In our old RV, we had that down to about 20 minutes!  This one is going to take us a couple hours to figure it all out!  Then, we'll go pick up Mom and my friend Dee.  They will both travel with us for the first few days.  We put them on a plane in Atlanta to fly back - then we're on to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the RV SEF Conference.

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Jammin' Along said...

I'm so happy for you two, that's a beautiful rig you got there. Enjoy!! ~M

Jim and Bobbie said...

Nice looking computer desk, I must say. It should serve you well till you get your built-in done.

So glad you are enjoying your new home.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wonderful how your new home is coming together and you're making it your "own". One day you'll be asking yourself how did you every live in your old RV.

And we feel especially honored to be able to say we've met a real life "Princess". :c)

Tom Foster said...

Yes, but is there room for beer? -TF

Jeff & Barbie said...

Your new "office" looks great. Another option for Jim may be an "air desk". I love mine! Google it and check it out.

kiel said...

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Christy said...

Hello sir Nice looking computer desk, I must say. It should serve you well till you get your built-in done.
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