Monday, April 25, 2011

The Last Stop

We had a great night at the Rest Area.  A few big trucks pulled in, but none of them ran their engines.  It was actually kinda of cool, so we didn't even need to run the generator and A/C.  We opened up all the windows and had a nice cross breeze in the bedroom.   hmmmm, I thought ... we won't have that in the new rig, the bed is in a slide with the head of the bed at a window, but the foot of the bed is solid closets - no cross breeze there :-(

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise.


I also noticed how dirty all the corners were.  Could it be that a really good cleaning is all we need?  Am I actually buying a new RV just to avoid the work?  Well, that is part of it!  But, no - it's time that Jim and I had a home where we were able to move around and not just sit at one chair 24/7!  We have outgrown our 30 feet with no slides.  We've loved it - living in a cozy 240 sq ft box - but it's time to upgrade.
I cried as we said our goodbyes.

On to Clearwater - Harberson's RV - and our New (to us) RV.

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