Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fire in an RV

It happens. 
No, I’m not writing to say it happened to us – it hasn’t – I’m writing because it’s something we all need to think about *before* it happens.  Maybe it can be prevented or contained and, most importantly you need to think about how to keep yourself safe if it should ever happen to you. 
RV Fires happen often enough that we personally know of two incidents where RV fires completely destroyed the RV of people who were (still are) fulltimers Just last week a fire destroyed the 5th Wheel home of Ed and Marilyn Dray “The Happy Wanderers.”  Here is their blog post where you can read about Ed and Marilyn’s horrible day
The other incident happened a few years ago to people we knew thru being a Motosat Dealer – Gary and Karen Swaim.  Their horrific story persists in the back of my mind and I never take our home and belongings for granted – it can all be gone so quickly.  Here’s the web page where they write about Gary and Karen’s horrible day.
From this:
To this image… in less than 20 minutes
If you’ve ever been to a large RV rally, you’ve probably heard of the fire safety classes presented by Mac McCoy.  If you’re an RVer and you haven’t taken this class, you should.  We’ve taken it 2 or 3 times and heard his message that you need to test your RVs escape route – but we’ve never done it.  I’ve been afraid to push out the window with the EXIT message on it for fear that the window falls out!
Well, Mac was parked right next to us for over a week here at Goshen.  When we heard about Ed and Marilyn, I told Jim – let’s ask Mac to come over and show us exactly how the EXIT window works.  He did.  It was embarrassingly easy!  I just opened the red levers and pushed.  The window opened and it didn’t fall out!
Today is the day we test our fire exit window
Mac the Fire Guy tells Chris to jump!
As long as he was there, he took a look at our fire extinguishers.  We had three that we bought from him a couple years ago, and one that came with the coach.  The three were good – but the one that came with the coach was empty.  He took that one and we ordered a ‘P Can’ type of extinguisher that we’ll pick up from him in Madison where we’ll both be presenting our seminars at the FMCA Convention.
Mac the Fireguy points out that one of our fire extinguishers is extinguished
RV Fire Safety Articles by Mac MacCoy
Short video clip of Mac’s Fire Safety Class.

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