Friday, June 24, 2011

New RV Factory–Nexus


As part of the RV Fest rally we’re attending this week, there was a factory tour at Nexus.  This is a new, Class B and C factory.  The unique twist that they offer is that you can buy your RV right at the factory.  They deal direct with the customer instead of thru dealers.  You can come to the factory, pick out or custom order your RV, then live in it for a day or two at the RV sites provided before you drive away.

It was started by two men who used to work at Gulfstream (that’s the manufacturer of our current RV) – Claude Donati and David Middleton.  David Middleton led our group on the tour.

This was the first time we have toured a factory.  I liked seeing the RVs in the different stages of construction.  They start as empty chassis.

Then, all the tanks, generators etc. get installed on the chassis, the floor goes on and interior walls go up.

Then comes the outer shell.  Here are several side walls waiting for RVs.

See how they go on.

A little more work on the interior: plumbing, wiring, carpet, furniture etc.

And, finally, the completed product is weighed.

Most of the units we saw being build were for an order of 50 motorhomes by an RV rental company in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Thanks David and NexusRV for the excellent tour, the tshirt and goodie bags, as well as the ice cream and then wine.  Do ya think they know what RVers like?!

Here’s one of the retail motorhomes on their showroom floor – the Phantom.


Tom Long said...

We are to pick up our 28 foot Phantom from the Nexus factury, this coming week. We traded in our 2000 Safari Class C for this new one, a few month's ago. This is the only way to purchase a new motorhome. You tell them exactly what you want, and don't want-they build it for you, at what I believe, is a reasonable price.

JulieG said...

What fantastic pictures!!! Thank you so much for posting them on your blog.

Hope you come back to see us again soon.

It was a pleasure having your group visit us at Nexus RV.

Julie Guffey

Pleinguy said...

Nice to see another RV maker following this business plan. Direct from factory is not really unique, but is uncommon. Other well known Class C makers that do it are Lazy Daze, Born Free, and Phoenix Cruiser which is right there in Elkhart.

Great to see the inside of the RV industry. And, love the way you show how your services are made and delivered. Great blog!