Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Why would we want to stay at a county fairgrounds for a month, you ask?  We ask the same question.  It's not for the natural setting, fresh air, and neighbors:
The ambiance (and aroma) of staying at a fairgrounds

However, as it turns out, we do have some wonderful neighbors: Walter and Amy Cannon of RV SEF, Howard and Linda of RV-Dreams, and just yesterday Bill and Janet Adams of Internet Anywhere.
Jim, Linda and Howard -Walter hiding and Amy out of sight!  They took us out for ice cream.  Does this look like an ice cream place to you? The evening will now be known as the Hunt for Rocket Science Ice cream.

We also drove up to the RV Museum and Hall of Fame one day, grabbed Al Hesselbart and went to dinner at Lunkers.
I think this must be a 'Lunker'
The reason we're here is the Heartland rally this week, but we decided to pay the $450 to stay all month and get some projects done.  Although it's not the campground you dream about when you start RVing, it does have full hookup paved sites with 50amp electricity and free Wi-Fi, so we're all set to sit here and work.  We took our rig in to RV One for overall check-out and sealing the roof. They pointed out some pretty serious wood rot around the Fan in the kitchen area and gave Jim some suggestions for how to deal with it.  Water is an RVs worst enemy, and it appears that a bunch of it got into our roof over the years before we bought it.  That is a very worrisome thing and had us a bit depressed.  Then they cheered us up by saying that the slide-outs were in really *good* shape.  More solid than just about any they'd seen, and the mechanics of moving them out and in were also very smooth.  Never having had slides before, this was really good news.

So, Jim tore out the wood rot and quickly reached metal on one side and styrofoam on the other.  It looks as though the damage was contained just in one corner around the fan (wishful thinking?).  He treated the remaining wood according to RV One's instructions, then put up some new wood and put it all back together.  What was really impressive to me is that he appeared to enjoy the work!  :-)
After Jim cleared the bulk of the rotten wood out of the fan area.

As for me - I've been at the computer working on some new tutorial videos.  Click the link below and watch this one OK?  It's only 7 minutes long.  It's about Blogger and how you can build much more than a blog with it.  With Blogger's 'Pages' feature, you can make a regular website ... all Free - pretty cool.  The video shows you what a page is, how to create it, and how to make a menu with tabs at the top of your blog.  Then, you'll see a sample of a business website using Blogger - the one built by Devon with less than an hour instruction by me.

I'm leaving this video free as a 'Featured' video for a month or so.  Of course, if you want to see the other 29 videos on using Blogger, you need to become a member for $39/year!  And, we'd appreciate it if you did :-), that's how we make our living, and we love it!  Check out the Learning Library to see all the other topics we offer as well.

One other project that has been on my list is eyeglasses.  I haven't gotten new eyeglasses in over 4 years and I find myself squinting and going thru all sorts of contortions trying to read things lately.  When you're on the road, what do you do about these things?  We go to Walmart.  I was actually very impressed with the professionalism, and the equipment in the Walmart Vision Center.  They had several pieces of equipment for eye tests that I had never seen before.  And the price was also very nice.  $204 for eye exam, prescription, frames and progressive glasses using polycarbonate - the more expensive choice.  It was a long time ago, but I think my last pair of glasses were over $400.  It takes a week to get here but that's ok!  We'll still be here.  And then, my information will be in the Walmart computers so I can go to any one around the country from now on.

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Anonymous said...

It is your post so naturally you can do what you want with it but, the video you said was free for a month, is not free. Maybe it was just a posting error?

Chris said...

Definitely an error ... thanks for bringing it to my attention - please try again. it should work now. let us know.