Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RV Fest Rally

This past week at Elkhart County Fairgrounds there was a rally called RV Fest.  Since we were going to be here anyway, we had contacted the organizer and asked if he'd be interested in having us present our Seminars.  We also knew that there were a lot of GulfStream owners attending this rally ... and we now own a GulfStream!
So, we exchanged our seminars for a free rally registration.  It was a full week-long rally with one or two meals provided each day - so, as we've written in this blog before ... Will Work for Food!  (we've also written 'Will work for Wine'  and 'Will work for Thank You Notes')

The best part of RVing is the people you meet.  The organizer of this rally is Les Potteiger and we really enjoyed getting to know him.

Les had a military career as a physicist.  When he retired and started RVing, he was a 'wagonmaster' (rally organizer) for GulfStream. He has also led RV Caravans to Alaska, and now he is organizing a series of these RV Fests.   As part of our week we helped Les set up a blog/website for RV Fest so he could have a place to promote future events.  Check it out at www.rvfest.blogspot.com and read about the great event he has planned for Christmas in Branson.
We really enjoyed the rally being a full week.  I don't know why more rallies don't do it that way.  It was relaxed and there was plenty of time for folks to get to know each other.  We were able to hold an impromptu 'Smart Phone Roundtable' where we taught ... and learned ... things about using Droids and iPhones.  That was fun ... we'll do that again.

We also took advantage of the morning stretch class led by John.  What a great way to start the day.
Here's a posed picture of some of the class:

Hey Les!  Thanks so much for letting us be part of the RV Fest - we had a great time.  And ... we're thinking about your offer to lead a caravan to Alaska with us ... thinking ... thinking ...

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TnT (Terry and Teri) Meyers said...

Did the people attending the RV Fest have a great time? I would like to go to the Branson RV FEST Christmas in Branson and would appreciate your opinion of this tour.