Friday, July 25, 2014

San Juan Islands, Ferries, and Friends

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I didn’t realize quite where we were. Staying at the Thousand Trails park in La Conner, we were right in the middle of everything the Puget Sound/San Juan islands area has to offer. Seattle, Olympic peninsula, Friday Harbor, and Victoria, British Columbia were all within a day trip outing. WE checked out taking the ferry from Anacortes to Victoria, B.C. but you really need your passport, or a specially stamped drivers license. Our passports are out for renewal, and only Jim has that special star on his drivers license.  We’d heard so much about Port Townsend from friends over the years, that we decided to scope that out first. It’s a spectacular ride, including driving over Deception Pass bridge.

Then we put the car on a ferry to go over to Port Townsend.

When we got off the ferry we drove south a ways in hopes of finding our friends Lindy and Mary – they’re long-time dive buddies from Fort Lauderdale who are just beginning their RVing lifestyle. It so surprised us that they’d made it this far already! It took us 11 years to get here! We knew they planned to stay at the Escapees park in Chimacum. They hadn’t arrived yet, but we got to check out the park. It’s very nice except for the fact that we didn’t see any Verizon signal at all – so, we probably couldn’t stay there! Hey, we’re still hoping to meet up with you somewhere down the road Mary and Lindy!

So we drove back up to Port Townsend and wandered around a bit. What a nice city park they have!

And, then we just had to seek out the Potpourri shop that we knew about from our friend Lynn. We met the owner, Jeannie, at the memorial last summer for Lynne’s husband, John. We wanted to say hi! and see the shop we had heard so much about. I felt like I had walked into OZ it was so green and colorful in there! So, here is Jim and Jeannie – saying Hi back to Lynne!

Whenever we’re doing cool stuff like this, we post pictures and notes on Facebook. It’s just so easy with our smartphones – snap a picture, tap the button to share on Facebook, type a few words, and click Send. So many of the friends we’ve made over the last 11 years of RVing are also traveling all over the place. You never know when you might be nearby. When Honey and Bob Shellman saw our Facebook post, they wrote back and said they’re staying at an RV park real close by! So, when we got back from our day tour, they came by and shared some wine! Then we planned an outing for the next day. They know a good restaurant for mussels in Coupeville. Sounds good!

Jim saw a sign for a air museum on the way, so we allowed extra time and stopped at the Oak Harbor PBY Naval Air Museum. PBY’s are Seaplanes used in WWII. Did you know the difference between Seaplanes and Flying Boats? Neither did we! A flying boat can ONLY land in water, it has no landing gear for runways. I think Jim’s primary motivation for the visit was to use the Flight Simulator!

I love mussels, and Toby’s did a great job. The views and the town were a treat. Honey told us that the movie, Practical Magic, was filmed here. We’ll have to watch it again now – we like watching movies filmed in areas where we’re staying.

Pretty spot. I can see why Honey and Bob like it here! In fact, they like it here so much they’re looking at property – we wish you best of luck!

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