Friday, July 11, 2014

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me

By Jim

Chris thinks I should write a Blog post every now and then. I used to write on occasions like my parent's birthdays and anniversaries and things like that. Now they are gone, certainly not from my memory, just nothing new happening with them. Dad's birthday is coming up on the 17th. I miss you, sir.

We, on the other hand have lots going on with us. At least it seems that way to me.
When Chris returned from Florida, we were able to get a site at one of our favorite campgrounds in the country, Golden Clear Creek RV. We wanted to be there because we had tickets to an event at Red Rocks Amphitheater nearby.
Our seats were much closer to the stage

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me is the NPR Radio news quiz. It's a fun weekly radio show with a huge following. They tape it Thursday nights in front of a live audience, usually in Chicago, but regularly at other venues around the country. We knew they were going to be in the Denver area around the same time as us, so we made it happen. Peter Sagal is the host. There is a panel of three who answer questions about the week's news.

8500 fellow fans enjoying the show

The public can call in and participate to win a valuable prize, Carl Kasell's voice for their voice mail.
Paula Poundstone is our favorite panelist. Tom Bodett and Brian Babylon were the other panelists. Bill Curtis is the announcer and scorekeeper. We have heard some hilarious moments on the show over the years.
If you don't recognize any of those names, you are missing out on some unique entertainment.
The completed show is aired on NPR stations on Saturday mornings. We're usually doing something else at that time, so we have made a ritual of listening to the Internet podcast on Sunday mornings. I'll be talking about the mobile app I use to listen to podcasts on our weekly Geeks On Tour show, What Does This Button Do? Be sure to tune in Sundays at 2pm Eastern time.

This was our second visit to Red Rocks, but the first event attended. Here is the link to the post the last time were were here. It is a great place to see a concert or view an event like WWDTM.
If you are ever in the Denver area, check it out. I know we'll be back.

Chris does a great job chronicling our travels here, doesn't she? I seldom feel the compulsion to write. I do most of the driving. She does all the writing. That's our deal.
Do you think it is better that way?

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