Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Washington State, Thousand Trails, and RVTravel.com

After leaving Boise, we were headed to the very northwest corner of the country. For the first stop we had to find a location where we knew the Verizon signal would be good because it would be a Sunday and we have our weekly online show to broadcast. We picked a place in southeast Washington called Kennewick. The show went well - here's the recording if you want to watch: https://plus.google.com/events/c1h5d12flk2ru625f5cum29rrcg.
After the closing credits of our show, we feel that we deserved a treat, so we went for a little sightseeing drive and early dinner at a brewery.

The next day we were up and at em, raring to go ... about noon ... and headed north.

It became very obvious that we were in the northwest! Mount Adams, Mount Ranier and more.

Our destination was the Thousand Trails park called La Conner. We had originally planned to go to that park back in 2007 but never made it. This is a bit out of the way up here in the far northwest! I'm so glad we finally made it!

We sure made the right decision to be somewhere else for our weekly show though. We haven't had Verizon signal this poor in a long time. Even phone calls placed from our RV would drop for lack of signal. An Internet connection couldn't be made at all. For the first time we made us of the AT&T connection on our iPad. We turned the iPad into a hotspot and were online ok, but certainly not good enough to broadcast our show. The interesting thing is if you just walked thru the trees to the beach area, our phones had 3-4 bars of good 4G signal from Verizon.  And, I didn't mind walking out there to make a phone call! Just look at this view.

Wait just a bit, and you even got to see a pair of bald eagles in the tree.

The next day, we had planned to visit with Chuck Woodbury of RVTravel.com at his office just north of Seattle. Then we would go into Seattle, take in Pike's Market and have a drink at the Space Needle. Well, it was pouring rain. We made it to Chuck's place, had a nice lunch, and chatted about our websites, broadcasting Internet shows and our respective production studios. He actually has a real production studio! We discussed having each other as guests on our respective shows.

It's always a treat to visit with people in their homes or offices when you primarily know them only online.

When we were finished with our visit, it was still pouring rain, so we decided not to go into Seattle. There would be no views to be had from the space needle anyway.

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Wanderin' said...

Love the eagles! We just left the most northwestern corner of the US watching our Verizon and AT&T signals too. Some places we had AT&T and other places Verizon. If you're heading south from that tip thru Forks to the TTN park at Ocean City, the Verizon is good and AT&T works in the front of the park.