Friday, July 18, 2014

Sundance Hike

After our Walmart night, and completing our weekly show, we were able to check into the State Park where we had reservations. What a nice place! Jordanelle State Park. I'd be happy to come here again. The Verizon signal is very good also - it doesn't get much better! Well, the sites could be a bit more level.

The first night we had a little cookout with our friends Tom and Margo Foster who were staying in their townhouse just a few miles away. Then they planned a hike for us the next day!

We started off for the hike by driving to Sundance resort.  Here's the scenery along the way. That's Mt. Timpanagos. Usually, when I know I'm going to someplace scenic, I'll be sure to take my "good" camera. The Canon T3i Digital SLR with the heavy lens that can take very wide angle as well as zoom in (18mm - 135mm) or maybe even the long lens for real (300mm) telephoto pics. But, lately, I've been so happy with the pictures taken by my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, that I decided to leave the big camera behind. It was a hot day so we had to carry 2 bottles of water each, I wanted to travel as light as possible. So, all these pictures were taken with the smartphone.

We were taking a hike up to Stewart falls. Luckily, most of the "up" was done on a chairlift!

I couldn't have taken this 'selfie' with my good camera!

We walked by massive Aspen groves.

Here's Stewart Falls

May as well take a bit of video too!

After the hike, they took us on a drive up to the Guardsman Pass. First stop was Homestead Crater - it's filled with water that stays at 97 degrees! People take scuba diving lessons here - what a trip! I can't imagine scuba diving in 97 degree water!

Back on the road and going up, up, up. What spectacular scenery! I almost missed my "good" camera with it's wide angle lens here, but then I remembered Panorama mode!

Thanks to Margo, we got a few photos of both of us.

And all four of us!

What a beautiful day! Thanks for getting us out guys!

See more pictures in our monthly photo album.  And, here's Margo's album.

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Steve and Karen said...

Very nice pics. I sometimes miss lugging a "real" camera along, but I do love my little point and shoot Panasonic. I still don't take a lot of pics with the S5, but Karen now takes almost all of her pics with her S5.

Jan Mains said...

Great photos. I especially like the one of Chris by herself.

Joe said...

Looks like a nice place to hang out for a while. Nice photos also.