Thursday, March 23, 2017


The last rally of the month! The Escapees RV Club. It's called the Escapade and it was held in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to our normal seminars during the rally, we taught a two day pre-rally class on smartphone photography and Google Photos. This is a hands-on class, limited to 16 people so they can really use their phone and learn to manage the photos on their own device. We pair people up and give them exercises to complete so they learn by doing.

This was a busy rally, with nearly 1,000 RVs, and 2,600 attendees, many were walk-ins from the local area. We gave 5 seminars and all were very well attended. They had to close the door and turn people away for the Google Maps session.

By the time we got to the last seminar, many of these people had seen us several times and they were open to playing with us. I loved that Jim reminded me to turn on the video camera for this one:

Jim set up our "Geeky Tiki" in the marketplace where people could come talk to us and sign up for membership. Thanks so much to Joyce Ackley who helps us out in our booth - otherwise most people would have just seen an empty booth since we were in class so much. Thanks Joyce!

We not only worked hard, but played hard this week as well. I won't post the video of me dancing :-) But here we are with friends that we only see at these rallies, we were so glad it worked out one night to gather for dinner, drinks and stories! 

Jim remodeled the Geeky Tiki so it now has wheels. When it was time to tear down, he just rolled it home!

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