Thursday, March 30, 2017

Parked in the Desert at Quartzsite

We're not big on boondocking, but it's good to know we can. Quartzsite is renowned for having RVs parked all over the desert, off-grid, during January, February and March. Melinda only boondocks in her little Roadtrek. In the year or so since she's been traveling in it, she says that they have never stayed in a campground. Never hooked up to electric or water. So easy in a little rig!

We still had a few more days till we needed to be in Yuma, straight south of Quartzsite, and she needed to head home - north of Q. So, we parked in the desert.

The first evening we took a walk up "our" hill. A walk we've taken many times before when we stayed in Quartzsite in 2004-5 parked at a friend's lot. The view is still awesome, and the flag is still there. I'm sure there's a geocache or two here also, but we didn't look.

Where'd my drone go?

Desert sunsets are impressive. Jim flew his drone, and I took my iPhone out and about. I loved the silhouette of this trailer in the sunset. I even found the owners - out walking their dogs - and got their email to send it to them. I used that for an article on my blog: It's So Easy to Send Photos Using Google Photos

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