Sunday, March 26, 2017

Girls Just Wanna Go Soak

Melinda and I have known each other for over 30 years. I remember her infant son crawling around on all fours. Now he has 3 kids of his own! We have hiked mountains together and we have paddled rivers, most notably the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon. We've also spent many an evening by the fire with a glass of wine.
I haven't seen Melinda in 4 years.
Jim and I had a week off between the Escapade and the next rally in Yuma. Melinda lives on this side of the country, near Reno Nevada. She has a sweet little Roadtrek camper van and is always looking for trips to take. We made a date to spend a couple days, just Melinda and me, at her favorite spa in Scottsdale. Then she would follow us to our favorite hot springs, in Tonopah.
Jim dropped me off at the spa for my two days of girl time!  What a guy!

First day: Massage, Steam room, Pool, Hot Tub, Dinner
Second day: repeat
Lots and lots of girl talk.

Melinda brings out the princess in me!

When our two days were up - and our money was all gone! - we drove her Roadtrek back to the RV park where Jim was and then we drove both rigs out to Tonopah to one of our favorite hot springs - El Dorado.

Melinda's Roadtrek next to our "Big Boy"
Camped at El Dorado Hot Springs for a couple of nights. 
Day 1: Soak, nap, Soak, nap, walk, Soak
Day 2: repeat

Our rigs parked at the Hot Springs

This is a fairy tale place, with lots of "wildlife/"

One of the many soaking tubs

The peacock showing off

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