Friday, March 17, 2017

Leisure World and Silveridge Computer Clubs

If you want to be someplace where you get help with your computer and can learn anything you want, then find an active senior living community like Leisure World or Silveridge in Mesa, Arizona! We know of many such communities all over the country where people with like interests get together. You can find quite a comprehensive listing of these computer clubs at That stands for Association of PC User Groups. The "PC" is not limiting - they teach Apple products, mobile devices of both Android and iOS flavors, and even Chromebooks and sometimes Linux.

We meet a lot of people as we travel the country, present at RV rallies, and do our weekly online show. Two of those are Chris & Edith Wrzenski who live at Leisure World and Ron Brown of Silveridge. They all got together and arranged for us to give a couple of seminars to a combined meeting of their two computer club groups. We loved how they put up signs at every turn to show people where to go:

Our Google maps presentation was one of the biggest groups all month. We also taught a session on Google Photos. At the end of the day we counted 34 new and renewing members to Geeks on Tour!

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