Thursday, June 15, 2017

Eurail to Lake Como - Days 27-28

Before leaving Lake Bled, we took some time to study the map and the calendar and decided we could make a stop at Lake Como before getting to Milan. We had a Eurail Pass that gave us 10 days of train travel within an overall 2 month period. At first I thought we used it all up, but then I realized that 2 legs of train travel were actually accomplished in the course of one day. It is days that count, not travel legs.

From Lake Bled we caught a bus to get to the train station, then a train back to Ljubljana where we had several hours before the bus to Trieste. Let's see what can we do while we're waiting?
This waiter was born and bred in Ljubljana, but had also spent time elsewhere. He spoke very good English and we had a great time drinking and chatting.
The bus to Trieste was quite pleasant and it was so nice to get out at the station and know exactly where we were. We had stayed in Trieste previously (day 15) but the B&B we stayed at that time was booked so we stayed at the Hotel Roma - very close to the train/bus station.

The next morning it was back to the train station to catch a high-speed train this time. This was our longest ride yet, but it went quick.

Lake Como is so much bigger than I imagined. We took a one hour boat ride that I thought was going to show us at least half of  the lake, but no, if the lake is like a finger, we only saw the tip of the fingernail! We had great accommodations there. This was our only AirBnB. Our contact's name was Larissa, the room was private with it's own outside door and it was only a block from the Lakeshore.

It was a short walk to the Funicular which took us up the hillside into the residential area around Como. That was easy. Then we decided to walk the rest of the way to the very top. By the time we were done for the day, our phones had registered over 7 miles of walking! And, most of it was steep up and down. We are definitely getting our exercise.

Larissa taking us thru the gate to a private AirBnB room
We rode the Funicular up the hillside by the town of Como
We walked up and down steep streets to the top of the hill and an overlook of the lake.
Lake Como from the top of the hill

What a perfect evening for a boat ride on Lake Como
We ended the evening at an outdoor restaurant directly across from the Duomo. We enjoyed our favorite Italian foods and watched as the cathedral doors opened to let out a procession of singing priests and followers.

The melon was all so perfectly ripe and sweet, wrapped in prosciutto is such a taste treat. The tomato and mozzarella Caprese is a perennial favorite for both Jim and me.

A completely unannounced procession right in front of our open air restaurant. A magic end to a gorgeous day.
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