Saturday, June 03, 2017

I do not speak Italian - Miramare

Google translate is very helpful. We're trying to learn, but most everywhere we go there is someone who speaks English.
At one restaurant, we ordered the Zuppa di Mare (fish soup / seafood stew.) When it arrived, I said,"I know what this is - Cioppino!
We've had great Cioppino in Oregon at Moe's. It looked an awful lot like this dish here in Trieste, Italy. we loved the Cioppino at Mo's Chowder and we loved the Zuppa di Pesce here in Italy. I decided to ask our server what was the difference. I expected that it had something to do with tomato base vs butter and wine.

Our server had no idea what we were talking about, so he went and found another server who spoke more English. She also was befuddled but was willing to hang in there long enough to understand what we were asking.
The problem is they never heard of a dish called Cioppino. In the states we are definitely led to believe that  Cioppino is an Italian dish, but our server said that cioppino means a hair clip!

In any case it was delicious. And the mussels are grown right there. From our vantage point at the restaurant, we could look out on the Adriatic sea and see the rows of floats marking where the screens are where the mussels are farmed.

Here's where we were, just north of Trieste. We're still in Italy here, but just barely. The marker is at the restaurant pictured above.

We were here to see the Castle Miramare. It was a crowded bus ride from our B&B in Trieste.

But it was Oh-So-Worth-It

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