Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lake Bled clockwise or counterclockwise?

We returned the rental car to Zagreb and took a train north to Lake Bled. Train travel is SO nice.

We knew it was 2-3 miles from the train station to our apt. in Lake Bled, but it was a beautiful day and we were getting very used to walking. What a view! Luckily there was a bike path almost the whole way, otherwise we would have needed to stick out our thumbs because traffic on the road was a bit much.

Every apartment, hotel, B&B and simple room for rent has been up multiple flights of stairs. We're getting quite a lot of exercise this trip!

After getting settled in, we walked just a couple more blocks to the shore of Lake Bled.

The extra benefit was that our apt had a shared deck. We couldn't quite see the lake from there, but we could see the castle on the rock.

Jim got up early in the morning to get this time lapse of the sunrise hitting the castle.
If you're ever going to Lake Bled, we recommend the place we stayed. It even had really good Wi-Fi
You know why we like vacations? The hardest decision you have to make is "Clockwise? or Counter-Clockwise?" We were only here for one day and we knew we wanted to take the walk all the way around the lake.

We ended up going counter-clockwise just because that's the way our feet took us, no decision made at all. I'm glad we went that way because it meant we did the hike up to the castle early - before it got hot and before we got tired. We easily made it the rest of the way around the 3 miles because it was flat.

There was an artist, Bobbi, set up at this spot on the lake. We bought one of his little paintings of this church, then he painted our caricatures on the back.

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