Thursday, June 22, 2017

Big RV, Bigger RV, Little RV: the full circle

We're happy to be home in Fort Lauderdale, we love our townhouse and we're excited to get acquainted with our new RV - the Roadtrek. One of the reasons we downsized so radically is that our townhouse is in a gated community with limited parking. The 21 ft Roadtrek is the largest vehicle that will fit.
This is our third motorhome.

  • The first was a 1997 30 ft Safari Class C with no slides. We lived in that fulltime from 2003 to 2011.  We called it "Oh Boy" because that's what we would spontaneously exclaim whenever we thought about life on the road.
  • The second was a 2007 Gulfstream Endura Super C. 37 foot with 2 big slides. It was quite a bit bigger than #1 so we called it Big Boy! It's funny now to go back and read the blog post I wrote when we first got it ... I cried! I so loved our first RV. But I came to love Big Boy too. We lived in it for 6 years.

Moving day from "Oh Boy" to "Big Boy"
  • Now, we have a townhouse in Fort Lauderdale and we don't need a big RV to live in fulltime. We're slowing down on RVing just a little, but we still need to get to the big rallies to do our seminars - so a Roadtrek is perfect. We can travel in it further and faster than in the big rigs, and it can be our second car when we're home.We call this one "Little Boy!"
We bought Little Boy just before taking off for a month in Europe, so we were excited when we got back to get acquainted. We took it to a local campground just to be sure we knew how everything worked before we hit the road.

If it's possible, we're even more excited about this little RV than we were about either of the other two. Back in 2000 we were looking at Roadtreks, we actually put a deposit on one but didn't go thru with the sale. We wanted to buy one to go on little trips, then we got this crazy notion that we wanted to live in an RV and we started looking at bigger rigs.

So, now we feel we've gone full circle. We're back to our original dream of living in Fort Lauderdale and being able to go wherever we want in our little RV.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my husband? I woke up about 5:30, rolled over and said, "how about we take the camper down to the beach and watch the sunrise?" I didn't really expect an answer, but a minute later I heard, "Ok"

If you've had more than one RV, which direction did you go? Bigger or smaller?


the oldcomputergeek said...

Same as us, but we started out with a small pull trailer. Ended up with what we should have when we began - pleasure way sprinter van. It was the best - easy to park and drive. We even spent 5-month summers in it while working at national parks. We've now sold it and are living in a park model in Arizona. The unplanned life continues.

Fred W. H. said...

Wilma and I started our RV Adventures in my dad's hunting tent. That was only a 1 trip experience. Then came 2 pop ups, a 23' used trailer, a 26' new trailer, a used 38' Winnabego and now a new 32' 5th. wheel.
We both like the 5th. wheel the best, however, the Winnabego had its good points. (Wilma making popcorn while traveling down the highway was a hoot!)

Happy for you both that you have found the "perfect" RV for your needs at this time in life.