Sunday, June 04, 2017

European Lifestyle

If I were ever to get interested in "birding" it would not be for the sightings, but for the singing. Every morning since we've been in Europe, we've awakened to a delightful sound of birdsongs. I don't think it's because there are more birds here or that they sing prettier, it's because they don't have airconditioning. Or at least the places where we've stayed have not been airconditioned. So we sleep with the windows open and are able to hear their beautiful melodies.

Years ago, I went on a trip with Mom to the Amazon. We went with a  guide thru the jungle for the specific purpose of learning about the exotic birds. We didn't see a one, but the guide kept cocking his head and saying, "Listen, that's a _______" He knew all the birds by their sound.

We've also gotten up close and personal with birds here at our dinner table! We love the sidewalk cafes, but the outdoor dining brings unwelcome guests!

Speaking of sidewalk cafes ... the best were in Venice. Any tiny little kitchen could simply stick a couple of tables outside and voila! they have a cafe. This is because there weren't any cars! None, nada, zilch, nessun. On the island of Venice (yes, I guess everyone but me knew it was an island) there are no cars allowed, no motorbikes, no scooters, not even any bicycles. We did see a couple of kids on skateboards, but I'll bet they were just scofflaws.

We are now in Ljubljana, Slovenia. There are plenty of cars, motorbikes, and bicycles here, but there are still large swaths of city blocked off for pedestrians only. The historic area, the tourist area, the area all around the river. It's beautiful. It makes eating such a pleasure. It helps that we've had perfect weather. I don't know what they do about their restaurants when it rains.

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