Monday, May 04, 2020

Day 45-47 Lifelong Learning

Jim takes course on Snagit and earns a certificate. I get the new Camtasia 2020 and started tackling learning the new features.

On Saturday we were booked to do a remote seminar for the APCUG's virtual tech conference. We taught how to use Chromecast to display Photo Albums from Google Photos on your big screen TV, then we showed how to use your smartphone to digitize photos from old photo albums. Of course then I'm inspired to go thru a few old albums and do just that. Here are a couple of gems from Christmas 1993. That is my sweet husband-to-be in the Santa suit :-)

When we teach, we learn. On Sunday, we had a Geeks on Tour members only meeting using Zoom. I was teaching how to make a blog, One question came up about inserting photos into a blog from Google Photos. If you then delete the photo from Google Photos, will it be gone from your blog? I hesitated on that one - it certainly used to be the case that the photos would be gone from the blog, but I think maybe that has changed. After the meeting I did my due diligence and conducted some testing. Yes, indeed, even though you're grabbing the photo from Google Photos, the process copies it to Google Album Archive. So, if you later delete the photo from Google Photos, it's still in the Blogger album in Google Album archive. It's a lot to understand, but it's actually very nice. 

I also learned something about Google sites from one of our members. Jack explained how he uses Google Sites to embed Google Photos albums into a web page. I tried it and, yes - it is really slick. It replaces about a half hour of work, to a couple of minutes. You can see what I mean on the 'Our Photo Albums' page here in this blog. For all the albums before 2020 I hace to manually grab one photo and link it to the album. If you click on 2020 photos, it takes you to a Google Sites page which only took a few minutes to put together. 

Bad news

Saturday Covid-19 Cases: 1.15 million Deaths: 66,766
Sunday Covid-19 Cases: 1.18 million  Deaths: 68,040
Monday Covid-19 Cases: 1.21 million Deaths: 69,921

Good News

Tough times bring neighborhoods together. There are 4 units - townhouses - in our building. One of our neighbors, Keith, is a party planner by profession. Understandably, all his work has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. That could be why he arranged a sidewalk socially distant happy hour for our building. It was fun, reminded me of many a happy hour at RV parks.


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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

When I first started our Blog I tried creating a Photo Book unsuccessfully so after that I simply upload each picture from the Computer. The only problem we have is the more data in a picture the longer it takes which is a pain when you have a slow connection.
Be Safe and Enjoy you Social Distancing Happy Hours.

It's about time.