Friday, May 01, 2020

Days 41-44 #StayHome Escape

Jim has gone out in the car a few times since this lockdown started. He was using his dive neck wrap as a mask. I had nothing, so I made one out of paper towels, coffee filter, and rubber bands based on some YouTube videos. You can tell it's been a while since our haircuts too :-)

My first time in the car since this started! I finally made contact with someone at Mom's assisted living facility. Someone who cares for Mom. I asked the front desk to have someone call me - there's no direct number to the memory care wing?!? Sofia called me back, I've met her before. I asked if there was anything Mom needed and she told me shoes and socks. I ordered them from Amazon and they arrived on Monday, so Tuesday was the day to deliver them. I dropped off the shoes with someone who came to the door - no one is allowed in the facility except residents and employees. Sofia used WhatsApp to send me a photo:

Jim drove and after Mom's we went to the Grocery store. Still no toilet paper! Luckily we had a good supply when this all started, but that was 6 weeks ago. Jim succumbed to an impulse buy of pizza dough. He said that making a pizza has been on his mind ever since reading Nick's blog the other day. We also both fondly remember a neighbor inviting us to pizza a while back and they cooked it on the grill! So, here goes nothin' ...
The crust got a little blackened with the nice hot fire, but it was mighty tasty. He can try that again!

Thursday started out with our normal 7am Toastmasters meeting via Zoom. And Friday started with our normal 8:30 am zoom meeting with our technology mastermind group. We don't feel isolated at all. But, everything should be in moderation. One of our toastmasters members said she would be in Zoom meetings for 7 hours that day. Yikes, too much.
What the hell is a pile of quarters doing on the floor at the top of the stairs? It's an idea I got from reading a book, many years ago, about Charles Darwin called The Origin by Irving Stone. You'd think, in a book about Darwin, the most memorable part would have something to do with the voyages of his ship, the Beagle, maybe the part where he studied species on the Galapagos islands? No, all these years later, what I remember is a story about Darwin at home. He liked to walk around his garden. It wasn't that big and he would decide to walk around it a certain amount of times. This is where he did his thinking, so he didn't trust himself to keep count of the laps. What he would do is pick up stones, 20 stones if he intended to do 20 laps, and put them in his pocket. Each time he passed the beginning spot, he would take a stone out of his pocket and drop it. When he was out of stones, he knew he had accomplished his 20 laps. I just thought that was such a brilliant idea ... I tucked it away for someday when I wanted to do laps somewhere. How about 10 "laps" up and down the stairs? Who needs a stair master machine when I have the real thing. 

Bad News (source)

Wed 4/29
US Covid-19 Cases: 1036652 Deaths 60,475
Thu 4/30
US Covid-19 Cases:1.09 million Deaths 63,538
Fri 5/1
US Covid-19 Cases: 1,119,253 Deaths: 65,138

Good News

Some see this global pause as a historic opportunity to brainstorm and think of fresh new solutions to seemingly insoluble problems. The story of Isaac Newton's year off is instructional. Isaac Newton Changed the World While in Quarantine From the Plague

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

WARNING: Even though having pizza is a nice change of pace, too much of a good thing can add to the Waistline.
Cute idea for counting laps. If you are outside simply transfer them from one pocket to the other.
They say that Invention is brought on by necessity but when you have all this time on your hands you can solve lots of the world's problems.
Be Safe and Enjoy the solitude.

It's about time.