Friday, May 08, 2020

Day 48-49-50 #StayHome Down the rabbit hole

Too much of a good thing? If you love learning, like both Jim and I do, this stay home time is like heaven. Endless YouTube videos to learn whatever you want.
Both Jim and I are geeks and love learning.  He has several computers and mobile devices as do I, so when we have a hankering to see what the new Google meet is like, we can each jump on a meeting with one computer. Then, so as to have 3 or 4 users in the meeting, we can use other computers and other accounts to create a multiple person meeting and put it thru it's paces. 3 hours later, we look up and say "Where did the time go?" I haven't even started on the project I hoped to accomplish, but damn! it's so fun and satisfying to explore technology and learn new stuff. Jim and I also played a bit with the new Facebook Messenger for desktop. Both Google Meet and Facebook messenger for Desktop are supposed to give Zoom some competition for the online meeting market. From our day of experimenting, and our 3 years with Zoom, we still think Zoom is the winner hands-down. That doesn't mean we should keep our eye on these competitors, there might come a time one of them is a better choice.

Toastmaster meeting - Tall Tales

Our Earlybird Toastmasters meeting (at 7am) had a special format this week. We call it tall tales. I wanted to participate, but I'm just not good at making things up. I almost signed up to force myself to do it. If I'm not good at it, it just means I need to work on it right? Well ... I didn't, but I attended the meeting and was inspired by our speakers (liars) so I will give a story telling speech next week. Stay tuned - our meetings are recorded so, if I do OK, I'll post the recording next week.

Dermatologist Appt

My only health issue is skin cancer. I spent my teenage years here in Fort Lauderdale and I went to the beach every day. That was back before sunscreen. We used baby oil on our skin to get deeper tans. I'm paying for that now. I've had half a dozen surgeries on my face to remove basal cell and squamous skin cancers. So, I hate to miss a dermatologist appointment. I had one this week, they called to adjust my appointment time a bit, but they said it was ok to come in. Here's a sight you don't see very often .. an empty doctor's waiting room!

Google Photos Book

OK, I gotta get back to writing the next edition of my Google Photos book. I had promised to have it done and ready for purchase at Amazon by May 1. I missed that deadline. I've done a lot of work on it, but there's still a lot more to go. I have a need to see the big picture before I can focus on writing the details. So, I've been re-working the overall outline. Since the beginning, I remind myself about the different parts to teach of Google photos by using the acronym GEECS (kinda like geeks, get it?) G=Gather all photos E=Explore your photos E=Edit your photos C=Creations from your photos S=Share your photos. But there are a few pieces that didn't fit in there. My latest list is:
G-getting started and gathering all photos
E-explore (by date, by faces, using search etc)
E-edit (using Google Photos and Snapseed)
A-albums (lots to know about the one organizing tool we have in Google Photos)
W-workflow going forward, organize and backup
C-create and print
O-other (Lens, Chromebook, etc)
Anyone interested in discussing this can join the Facebook group "Learn Google Photos"

Bingeable Netflix / Amazon / HBO??

Oh no! I only have 2 episodes of Homeland left. What should I watch next? Really - I'm looking for recommendations.

Bad News

Tue Covid-19 cases: 1.23 million Deaths: 72,054
Wed Covid-19 Cases: 1.25 million Deaths: 73,667
Thu Covid-19 cases: 1.28 million Deaths: 76,421

Good news

Being forced to use technology like we are is revealing. One friend who works in IT at a hospital is now working from home, as is all the rest of the staff. He heard from his boss that the company saved SO much money because of this that it might become a permanent thing. Who knew? 
Another friend does a lot of computer coaching and is now doing that via Zoom. She says that she is finding it is even more effective than being there. She's seeing the student's screen and can coach them, but they have to do it. It's less intimidating for them to have her remote. They can easily take a break and come back. Good stuff.  

Loving all our photos displaying on our TVs around the house. Lots of memories of our travels all around us as we #StayHome

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