Monday, May 11, 2020

#StayHome Days 51-53 Music, Food, Conversation

For several weeks now, Elliott Masie has hosted a Friday afternoon Empathy concert. I've always loved the way Elliott packages his extensive knowledge with kindness and understanding. Elliott is a big deal in the Learning, Technology, and Staff Training industry, but you'd never know it just by watching him. With his success in the industry, he branched out many years ago into 2 other fields: horse racing and Broadway productions. He is nothing if not eclectic! On his Friday Empathy broadcast (using Zoom by the way) he has thoughtful discussions with people, but the best part is the music from actors in his Broadway shows. It gets me up off the couch to dance around the room, and when it's a song I know - watch out - I sing my heart out.
Some notes I took from the conversation: 
  • There's freedom in not knowing what is coming next. That's the way I felt about RVing.
  • "Capture your stories"
  • Disasters bring us together. 9-11 brought the country together, this is bringing the whole world together.
  • The power to reveal who we really are.
  • A time for your true colors
  • Masie concert fills our heart ❤️

More music

When the Empathy concert was over, I wanted more music. I used my Samsung phone, opened up the YouTube music app and found my Chris' Favorites playlist. I cast it to the big screen TV to get our surround sound speakers and a bonus was that some of the songs included videos. This meant more dancing, singing, getting choked up. Jim even joined in. When the music video came on for The Beatles Hey Jude, there were several closeups of the young Paul McCartney's eyes. Wow - no wonder teenage girls screamed over him. It's either scream or melt. I was one of those screaming teenagers. Who else thinks we grew up in a time of musical greatness? Have you seen the movie Yesterday? It's about how empty the world would be without the Beatles' music. 


Jim does 99% of the cooking around here, but I do have a couple items that are mine. One is butternut squash, and it was on the menu tonight. I take a whole squash and cut it up into little cubes. This is something I learned on YouTube :-) Once it's cubed, I sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper and toss it with a light coating of olive oil and finally just a drizzle of honey. Then it goes in the air fryer for 20 minutes and comes out perfect. Me cooking! I enjoyed being in the kitchen, listening to music, washing dishes, cutting up butternut squash. I think I get why Jim likes it so much.


Over dinner, Jim and I had a great conversation about milestones during our lifetime. Good and bad... Moon landing, President assassinated, creation of personal computer and the world wide web, terror attacks of 9-11, election of a black president. All of those were huge, but they affected us countrywide, not planet-wide. This CoronaVirus pandemic is the only worldwide event in our lifetime. World war 2 was just before we were born. Mind blowing. Magnified by wine drinking :-)

Happy hour with friends

No, we didn't break social distancing rules, we used Zoom for a strictly social purpose this time. We met Kim and Don Green because of RVing. They founded a company called Harvest Hosts (which they have since sold) and attended many of the same rallies we did in order to promote it. We hit it off right away and enjoyed their company any time we got the chance. We've visited them at their home in Prescott, AZ and they've been here to our place in Fort Lauderdale. We would love to travel with them someday as they have the most adventurous spirit of anyone I know. They had just returned from several months in South America. They shipped their truck camper there, traveled all around and shipped it back. It was great to meet up with them even if only virtually. ... actually I discovered one advantage to virtual happy hours ... you don't have to drive anywhere after so you can have as much wine as you want!


I was so proud of us on on Friday, we did our neighborhood walk twice, once in morning and once after dinner. A total of over 3 miles. But then we didn't move at all Saturday or Sunday. We didn't even open the front door.

Sunday was Mother's day. An aid at her Assisted Living Facility offered to video chat using WhatsApp. Chat isn't really a good description, she doesn't talk anymore, and she has no clue who I am when I'm standing beside her, let alone on a little phone screen. But it was still reassuring to see her.

Bad News

Fri Covid-19 cases 1.31 million Deaths: 77,727
Sat Covid-19 cases 1.34 million Deaths 79,373
Sun Covid-19 cases 1.36 million Deaths 80,539

Dow Jones is UP - wait you say, shouldn't stock market gains be listed under good news? Although it may be good news for big companies, it does not represent good news overall and especially not for small small businesses. Read this post in Reddit and see what you think. Why the stock market is going up even as unemployment goes up

Good news

The pandemic is teaching us that the world has to learn to work together.

Drone planting trees - this news is not related to the pandemic, it's just good news. It makes me hopeful for the future.

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