Thursday, November 25, 2021

A very happy Thanksgiving

 I wake up every morning with a smile on my face because life is so good. Today - Thanksgiving Day - is no exception. I reach for Jim, we hug and kiss and smile at each other. Today will be a great day. We're going to Jim's sister's house for Thanksgiving dinner, and she's doing all the work - we're just bringing the wine. 

We tell each other a few of the things we're grateful for - technology is high on the list. Zoom, that has allowed us to continue our teaching to small groups even though we couldn't get together in person. It also allowed us to do presentations to groups that we would never be able to do live. Smartphones and photography which give us something to teach.We have each other, we're both healthy (even the doctor says so - we had a checkup this week) we love our home, and we have the wherewithal to travel when we want.

The time came to get ready to go. We decided to take the RV. It's about an hour drive to Jim's sister's. It's good to exercise the van and it's been sitting for a while. We pick up Devon and make to Jim's sister's about 3.

Smells good! The pilgrims are prepared!

Brother and Sister

The feast

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I love the costumes.