Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Feeling Retired

 Jim and I have referred to ourselves as "Semi-Retired" for a few years now. Now I'm working on getting rid of that "Semi." Today is a great example.

I got up at 8:30 and made coffee, then sat down at the computer. Looked at emails, watched a few YouTube videos on the current news. Jim made a delicious scrambled egg with spinach, onions, and cheese breakfast.

Next I went thru our travel itinerary for January and made a Google My Maps of the trip we have planned. This is a trip that is all planned out by Overseas Adventure Travel. Putting the details on a map really helped bring it to life. We signed up for this trip after our Dive trip to Palau got canceled due to Covid. We're keeping fingers crossed that this trip doesn't suffer the same fate.

 In the afternoon, I called a good friend in Nevada and chatted for a while. When she mentioned that she was missing photos from the last few years, the teacher in me jumped up and insisted that she open the Google Photos app on her phone and check a couple of things. That prompted me to write an article, "Organizing your photos with Google Photos – Step 1"

Then, I started thinking about what topics I want to cover in our live YouTube show this Sunday. This has been part of our business since 2014.

So, you see, I don't really want to be completely retired. I need to teach. If I'm not learning and teaching, then I'm not living. And, I'm so grateful that our busines ( gives me an outlet to do just that. But, I no longer have the energy to build a business. I appreciate the people who help support us by being members of, and I hope that some new people see the value of joining, but neither Jim nor I are going to push it. There are other things we want to do.

2 comments: said...

We are leaving for our 15th trip with OAT before the end of the year. They are a great company and we've met so many nice travelers that we stay in touch with.

Donna B. McNicol said...

It gets tougher every year. I'm 74 now and have slowed down so much on my mystery book writing, I wonder why I try.