Friday, November 26, 2021

New phone

I bought my Samsung note 9 phone about 3 years ago thru Verizon. It's still perfectly good, but I like to have the latest and greatest. Three years is about the maximum for that, so I've been thinking about what new phone I want. 
I also have an iPhone SE. That's a whole other story. I actually love that phone. The people we teach are equally split between iPhone and Android and the bulk of the Android folks are Samsung so I feel the need to have a Samsung. I'll let Jim have the Google phone (pixel) even though I may think it's the best.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 phone

I decided I would get the Z Flip, it's a folding phone and I like the concept. It would be fun to have something different. I think I would use the ability to set the phone on a table and take a selfie. When it's folded, it would fit in my pocket - no need for a case because the screen is protected when it's folded. The camera and other phone functions are no better than my 3 year old phone.
Jim drove me to the Verizon store today and I checked out the flip. I also checked out the S21 Ultra, Samsung's current top-of-the-line "Flagship" phone.
Uh oh, there goes my decision on the flip.

 The S21 Ultra phone's camera swept me off my feet. It has 4, yes 4, separate lenses, from ultra wide angle to 10X telephoto. I tried the display model and the 10X zoom could read a sign across the street. Yikes! Gotta have it.
They didn't have any in stock so it will be delivered next week. Oh boy!


Bill Joyce said...

I have really enjoyed the camera(s) in my S21 Ultra. The zoom is amazing,

Chris Guld said...

Cool Bill! Glad to hear it. We're taking a trip to Guatemala in January and I was thinking of taking my Canon Digital SLR. I won't need to now!