Monday, November 29, 2021


 I committed to writing a daily blog post until the end of the year. I woke up in the middle of the night realizing that I didn't do that yesterday - Monday. So - I'm writing this morning - Tuesday and cheating by setting the publish-on date to yesterday. Near enough!

Since we work on Sunday with our YouTube show, Monday is our day off. Or at least it feels that way. It feels like a Sunday, we try not to schedule anything on Mondays and we do whatever we feel like. Of course, most days are like that now. Except for our show Sundays, it's hard to ever tell what day it is any more. Oh yeah, there's our Toastmasters meeting on Thursday morning and our Tech-sharing small group meeting on Friday mornings. Most mornings Jim and I look at each other and ask "what day is it?" I have to look at my watch to be sure. That's actually one thing I really like about the Apple Watch - the way it prominently displays the day of the week. Here's my watch face, notice the TUE in upper right:

A screenshot of my Apple Watch. How did I get a screenshot? Press the digital crown and the side button at-the-same-time and let go to see a flash.

Today was the day I promised to start my bookkeeping. I'm bad about bookkeeping. No, worse than that. I just don't do bookkeeping at all. It is the end of the year, and if I want the CPA to prepare our business tax returns, I need to give him some numbers! So, I opened up Quickbooks online (for the first time this year) and started with January. Quickbooks automatically gets all the transactions from our business bank account, but I have to look at each one and enter a category. Then I open the statement from the bank and balance it in Quickbooks. I used to also balance the PayPal statement, and the credit cards, now I cheat. I just make sure to pay off the credit cards from the business account, and transfer all income from PayPal to the Business account. That means that everything related to the business goes thru the bank account - voila! only one account to categorize and balance.  The CPA said he could live with that as long as I also provided the PayPal and credit card statements. Cheating? or Smart?

As much as I hate to do bookkeeping, it surprises me the satisfaction I get from it. I finished 2 months by the end of the day and I was actually in a very good mood. Bookkeeping uses a different part of my brain than my teaching/writing/video-making. It's not creative (at least it's not supposed to be!) When I sit down to do bookkeeping there are specific steps to follow - all I have to do is remember them. Then, when I get to the balancing part, there's proof that I've done something right! When it shows $0 left I'm done, and I know it's done right! There is no such thing as "done" or "done right" in my creative endeavors. It actually feels pretty good. I think I'll do another couple months :-)

My new phone arrived! Two days early. So exciting. Now if I could only get the box open!

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