Sunday, November 28, 2021

Youtube, Football and M*A*S*H*

 Today is Sunday and we're doing our live YouTube show, Episode 224 of What Does This Button Do? I had work to do this morning as I was less than half prepared for the show as of 8am when I woke up. I rolled over and thought about it a bit. Then I got up and made coffee, read a couple chapters in my current favorite book, "The TAO of Willie" by Willie Nelson. Eventually, I was ready to go to my computer and start working. 

Our show is LIVE. It's not just us talking, we demonstrate stuff on the computer and on phones. Jim has several cameras and he switches among them as I try to demonstrate different things. Live is risky, demonstrations go awry. So I try to have one or two or three pre-recorded videos. I recorded one yesterday and I had one more to make this morning. It's about how to make your Emergency contacts show up on your phone's lock screen. It seems to work a little different each time I go thru the process. Making the video was an aggravating experience, but I got it done. Then we did our show with a mixture of live presentation and the 2 videos.

After our live show, we hold a Zoom meeting for members only. One of our members, Walter, relayed how our show introduced him to the apple watch earlier this year. He got one and just last week it alerted him to the fact that he was exhibiting symptoms of atrial fibrilation. He went to a doctor who put him on some medications and congratulated him for the early detection. Walter credits us with saving his life :-) I don't know about that, but it certainly feels good to hear that people benefit from our teaching. Then we got to chat with all sorts of friends and members. We are so grateful for technology and Zoom in particular!!

When we're done with our work, it's time for Football - the Dolphins are playing the Carolina Panthers. I'm not really a football fan - it's quite a horrible sport , broken bones, multiple concussions, and millions of dollars for no good purpose. But, its a diversion, and many years ago we committed to being Dolphins fans and watching the games whenever possible. When we're on the road, we find a sports bar to hang out in for the afternoon. We actually found the most rabid Dolphin fan we've ever met in Pismo Beach California - it was so much fun. It's hard to be a Dolphins fan when they lose 7 in a row like earlier this season. But that makes it even more fun when they win 4 in a row like right now! 

Jim graduated from Southern Regional High School in New Jersey. One of the star receivers on the Dolphins team right now also graduated from Southern Regional (Gesicki) so he feels an extra reason to cheer.

At one point during the game, a player took off before he was supposed to - offsides. That happens a lot, but they usually don't get as far as this guy did - it made us laugh out loud and Jim said, "That's just like the football scene in the movie M*A*S*H* that always makes me laugh" So, as soon as the game was over, I found the movie Mash on one of our streaming services and we had a little walk down memory lane.


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