Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last class, Last visitors

The season is coming to an end. We had our last seminar here at Peace River on Friday. It was fun to have a small group we could 'chat' with after our seminars with 600+ folks at the FMCA! And, Jim had his last 'help-desk' session in the clubhouse. Here is Benita, who was just thrilled to have the one-on-one help. She also took our 'Blog' seminar and learned how to make a blog. This will probably be our last weekend here and we're hosting our last group of friends. Glenn, who has been threatening to visit all winter long finally made it. Perfect timing! Because Diane and Andy are also visiting this weekend to get their Datastorm installed. And Glenn, Diane, and Andy are all our friends from the Kayuba dive club. Diane and Glenn and I have the same kind of camera, just slightly different models and attachments. So we spent some time on our beautiful nature trail here, taking photos and comparing notes. When they get around to posting their photos, you'll see Diane's on their blog, and you'll see Glenn's on his Picasa Web Album. When we leave here, we'll visit family in Fort Lauderdale for a couple weeks, then start heading west. There is nothing on our schedule right now until the next FMCA convention in Redmond, Oregon in August. We're searching out rallies and RV parks along our route to give more seminars. If you're planning a rally or staying at a park who might like to host us - send an email to

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Travels with Jim and Bonnie said...

Took your class in Perry and have had fun setting up blog. Downloaded Picasa to my laptop. Have enjoyed working with my photos and am well on my way to organizing them. Its a great program. Thanks so much for your seminar
Jim Spain