Monday, December 17, 2007

A chilly morning at Palm Creek

Today was the first morning since I came down with this cold that I've felt good enough to go for our morning walk with Odie. We had classes to teach on both Saturday and Sunday and I was fine for them thanks to the miracle of coldeeze. If you try it, I recommend the little white tablets that you let dissolve under your tongue. The lozenges are nice but haven't been as effective for me. Ah ... better living thru chemistry!

Anyway ... all 3 of us went for our morning walk. Our thermometer said 42 degrees. Apparently there had been a freeze warning for overnight because we noticed that all the delicate plants had been 'tucked in' for the night!

I'm not sure if these are golf balls, or snow balls?! We took our longer walk this morning and ended up at the airfield. There's a bunch of guys who like to fly radio controlled model airplanes. One pilot gave Odie some exercise letting him chase his 'flying pizza.' Uh Oh . he actually caught this one! The pilot assured us that he doesn't mind with this flying pizza plane, but we made sure to keep Odie leashed when they were flying the real ones. You can see video of Odie chasing the planes on this previous post.

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