Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A visit by the "Team"

It was another wet and cold day in the desert. But there was a real bright spot today. The Vagabonders Supreme Team showed up for a visit. Many of our readers came to be readers because of George and Tioga. We have been reading their adventures since before we hit the road.

We knew they were in the area because of the DataStormUsers map. George sent me an email yesterday saying they were going to be passing through Casa Grande and were only 62 miles away. Normally, it would take the team several days to cover that immense distance. Surprise, surprise! Ms. Tioga was parked across the street when Chris and I came home from our morning service calls. George almost always "boondocks" and would probably not stay in a resort as fancy as Palm Creek. We felt obliged to show him some of what this place is all about. Palm Creek has something for everyone. Thanks for visiting, George. Travel Safely!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You met George and Tioga? Awesome!

He's Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark and Vint Cerf rolled into one lively, free-wheeling, show-it-all in a patched-up, fixed-up magic carpet!

He's demonstrating how to do it with class, style and savvy. He's earned admiration from those of us waiting to try it.

You Geeks are lucky. Thanks for sharing!

-- SoCal Local Bob