Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hands on Computer Class, for Women Only

I finished teaching my first hands-on class here at Palm Creek last night. I think it went really well. The idea to limit attendance to women only was an experiment that, I think, was a rousing success. My 5 ladies agreed that it provided a welcomed comfort level. They were more open to asking questions and trying new things. The only problem was that I heard a lot of 'overwhelm' talk ... "Oh dear, I'm so lost ... this is a lot of information to absorb" But, when I told them that I would be cutting down the amount of material for the next class, they said, "Oh no, it was all such good stuff!" Music to my ears. I'm still going to try to cut it down some. I got to thinking about years ago, when I used to teach hands-on classes all the time. We would have a full day class just on Beginning Word Processing. In my current class we spent one session - 2 hours - on that topic. And, years ago, I was teaching office workers - they worked on a computer all the time. These ladies are new to the computer game. The complete outline of the class is on the Geeks on Tour webpage if you want to check it out. What made it possible was my tutorial videos. Each student received the tutorials on CD and they used headsets to view them on their own computers - then I would give them exercises to work on - allowing them to work somewhat at their own speed. They all brought their own laptops ... there were 3 on Vista and 2 on XP! I learned a lot too! In the end, learning is all about attitude - being open to try new things and willing to take risks. These ladies were shining examples! And guess what? According to Dr. Perls in Living to 100, exercising your brain like that will do the most to add years to your life!
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