Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thank goodness for cheese and crackers

If it weren't for cheese and crackers, sometimes I wouldn't eat at all!

I started today with an 8:30 yoga class - what a treat to be able to take a class twice a week! Then I had an appointment giving a wonderful couple some private computer lessons. Everybody's needs and everybody's computers are SO different - I really like giving the private lessons. Jim was out on several service calls today. We didn't see each other most all day.

I came home from the appointment just in time to meet Nick and Terry from Gypsy Journal who stopped by to say hi. I would have been so disappointed if I'd missed them. They have a wonderful newspaper for RVers called the Gypsy Journal and have been fulltime RVing much longer than we have. We will be presenting a couple of our seminars at their Gypsy Journal Western Gathering right here in Casa Grande next February.

Then I had to prepare for teaching my first hands-on class this evening. I needed to make some more of our tutorial DVDs plus get the students' notebooks put together and review what I was going to teach etc. etc. I forgot about lunch altogether.

Jim met me up at the computer room to make sure equipment was hooked up right and I had everything I needed for my class. Then he left, because this is supposed to be a class for women only! I have a few 'bugs' to work out for my class, but that's why I limited it to 6 people. I can almost give individual attention to everyone. We have 5 more sessions to go - I think it's going to be fun.

Jim met me at the end of class - we did some cleanup work in the computer room and chatted about our days, getting home about 7:30-8. We walked the dog, and the sat down to our email for the first time today. Going on 9pm Jim said, 'what's for dinner?'

"What?", I said. "Didn't we have dinner?"


"Ah well, we still have wine don't we?"


and some cheese and crackers!

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