Sunday, December 30, 2007

Will work for thank-you notes

It's well-known that Jim and I work for food! mmmmm, I still remember that blackberry cobbler in Oregon! And wine is as good as gold in our book. We do need to make money, but I discovered our true payment in these four emails today.
"...The info you have on your website and in the newsletters has been a great new experience for me. Your easy teaching method and one-on-one help was just what I have needed for a long time. The tutorial disk and the access to review lots of info when I forget helps too. The "fun" free program like Picasa you introduced me to has let me enjoy my camera more." Pat
"Thank you again for all the time and expertise you have so generously shared and continue to share with me since we first got together at Peace River not much more than a year ago. With the knowledge and inspiration you passed along, my abilities with a computer have certainly come a long way over that time period. " Greg
"I want you to know that I really appreciate the newsletters you have been sending. I always learn something from them. I make sure to read your blog and I enjoy the pictures. I also enjoy all your videos. Thank you so much." Monique
"Thank you for your help, at 73, with only 18 mos. using a computer, I need all the help I can get. You're the best!" Tom
Life is good. Now, where's that wine?!
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Anonymous said...

I love posts like this. Thanks for sharing Chris. Happy New Year to you and Jim!!!!