Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Quarzsite living

Edward Abbey wrote a beautiful book called Desert Solitaire about the peace, tranquility, beauty and solitude that living in the desert can bring. He wasn't talking about Quartzsite!

Lots of RVers come to Quartzsite in the winter, but they don't come for the solitude! They come for the camaraderie, for the warm (warmer than up north anyway) weather and for the unique environment of boondocking (living off the grid - no hookups) in the desert. One person who boondocks in Quartzsite a lot is Ron Bunge - of HitchItch.com. We've communicated with Ron over email a few times, so when we noticed him nearby on the Datastormusers map, we figured we'd try to find him and say Hi. It wasn't hard, since he has the Datastorm on his roof - notice also the solar panels tipped towards the sun. He can live like this for months - getting electricity from the sun during the day and filling his battery banks. He sometimes has to supplement that with a generator at night. He can dump his holding tanks using a storage tank in his truck to take it to a nearby dump station, and another tank to fill up with water. He told us that it cost $180 to stay on this BLM land for 6 months! Here they are, Terry and Ron. We had a very nice chat - and, as always when talking to other RVers, we learned something new. Like, how it is inappropriate to say 'trailer trash.' Terry said he much prefers the moniker, 'RV Debris!' You gotta love a town with a sense of humor! And, here's a long distance view of the boondocking area (all those white specks are RVs) - with the dramatic KOFA (King of Arizona) mountains as a backdrop. Ron tells us there are a lot less people here this year than in years past. Perhaps we're headed back to Desert Solitaire after all?

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Donna McNicol said...

TAG! You're it....check out your blog mention: http://tinyurl.com/27q8hy

PS. I look forward to meeting you guys in Casa Grande!