Friday, December 21, 2007

Finally! Biosphere 2

I've been wanting to visit Biosphere 2 ever since my good friend, Chris L. was there in 1992. She visited during the time when people were living in the Biosphere 2 and it was completely sealed.

Only in map-browsing, did I stumble upon the fact that the biosphere is just over an hour away from where we are. We've been here several times before, and I never realized it was nearby. Even now, it took the fact that my good friend Liz was visiting Tucson, to get us to make the trip. It has changed ownership a couple times in recent years. It is now part of the University of Arizona, and they're reviving it as a research facility. It was actually in danger of being bulldozed for a housing development ... what a waste that would have been.

It's an impressive facility.

Here's Liz and Stan in the rainforest area inside the structure. There's a salt water ocean and a beach behind them on the lower level. And, here's our tour guide explaining the coastal desert region. There was lots more. The living quarters, the viewing area for under the ocean, and the global warming research findings display. I'm glad we went. What I enjoyed the most is the warm air and humidity! My parched lips just soaked it up ... ahhhhhh. Being a Floridian, I just dry up and crack apart in the desert. We walked inside the door to the rainforest area of the Biosphere and I felt at home!

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