Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Changing Times

We started giving seminars for the FMCA rallies when we worked for Coach Connect in 2004-5 . Their business was Wi-Fi in RV parks, so that's what we talked about. RVers were really hungry for this information. The largest audience we ever had for 'Internet on the Road' seminars was 700. When we became 'Geeks on Tour' in 2006, we added topics like 'Managing your Digital Photos with Picasa and Every RVer Needs a Blog. But the biggest audience was always at the 'Internet on the Road' seminar - we cover the 3 wireless technologies: Wi-Fi, Cellular and Satellite.
Today, we had our Picasa seminar with over 500 people, and the Internet on the Road seminar had less than 200! I think it's because people are getting cellular aircards and are very happy with how they work. If they need help, they call their cellular provider. They just don't have so many questions any more. Wi-Fi also works a lot better these days than it did a few years ago.
Here's our Picasa seminar ... I didn't get an overall picture - but the room was full.
Then, later in the afternoon, we had the second session of our hands-on boot camp.
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