Friday, March 27, 2009

Sideways Rain

If last night’s weather is at all typical of this region, it’s no wonder that Louisiana is called ‘America’s Wetland’!  We have only experienced a night like that when we stayed in the RV thru hurricane Katrina in Fort Lauderdale.  We’re in a town called Gonzales, just south of Baton Rouge.  We’re here to give our seminars at the Holiday Rambler rally. Here’s a map of where we are.


Map picture

We had the kind of rain, wind, lightning and thunder that wakes you up … and keeps you up.  Jim even felt the need to get up and look around – he found that the sideways rain hitting the coach found some places to get in.  There was a puddle on the floor by his desk and water dripping from the light fixtures above.  yuk.

He check the weather alert service on his cell phone and read that our area had over 1,000 lightning strikes within the last 5 minutes!  The thunder made us hug each other and say ‘I love you’ … just in case that wasn’t thunder but the sound of an oncoming tornado.

whew … all is quiet this morning.


Chris said...

I'm glad you both made it thought the night.... I hope the weather is better today.

Your link to the 'weather alert' in not working.

Stay safe.

Alicia said...

Chris and Jim, hope the weather improves for you. Just a warning, not to scare you or anything.....but my brother-in-law had his motor home hit by lighting while sitting in his driveway. Blew out tires.....TV's, microwave, inverter. Anyway you get the idea. Was really bad. I had always beleived you were safe as long as you had rubber tires. Guess that isn't always true.