Monday, March 16, 2009

Computer Boot Camp

Whew! Our day started at 7am, and just now ended. It's 10:30. This morning was the designated time for people to sign up for seminars that required a registration and/or fee. That included our 'Computer Boot Camp' - a hands-on computer class that we're giving for the first time at an FMCA rally. When we got to our table at 6:55, there was already a line of people waiting to register! And, we were sold out before 8am. From 8 till 4 we were turning people away because the class was full. But, we would sell them the class materials - 0ur Computer Boot Camp workbook and DVD of tutorial videos. If every day were like this - we'd be rich. We'd also be dead! Our first session of the Boot Camp started at 5pm. I've never had a hands on class with this many people. People brought their laptops to the room - 22 computers were there. And 34 people - many couples gathered around one laptop. We had everything from 5 yr old IBM Thinkpads with Windows XP, to brand new, just out of the box Toshibas with Vista Home Premium ... and everything in between. I think it went as well as could be. Thank goodness a few of our Geeks on Tour Members were available and volunteered to be helpers. They were fabulous! And, after the class, we had a wine and cheese get together/member appreciation party with a group of our Geeks on Tour members who happen to be at the rally. How cool was that? To meet face-to-face the people that have found our tutorials valuable enough to pay for the online membership. I just love our life! Tomorrow we're teaching a seminar on Picasa and another on Internet connections on the road. Then we have our second session of the Boot Camp. Got to go to sleep g'night!
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