Sunday, March 29, 2009

Learning about Booths

Since we are on a mission to make a living that will keep us on the road – we took the opportunity to have a booth at the Holiday Rambler rally.  We have a lot to learn, but we’re on our way.  Here’s our booth:



One thing we’re learning is that, just because nobody stops by the first day or two – that doesn’t mean you’re not going to make sales.  People take our seminars, and do other things at the beginning of the rally.  Then, they do their shopping on the last day.


We had a small, but respectable turnout for our Picasa seminar:


We thought we had learned, from other small  rallies, that computer tuneups were popular – thus our *fancy* sign for $99 tuneups!  Not one taker?!


It seems that we are just less known in this group.  When we arrived last year at the Gypsy Journal rally, for example, the first person we encountered said, “Yay!  The Geeks are here.  Put me first on your list for some computer work – I’ve been looking forward to seeing you at this rally!”  At this rally, the first person we met looked at our name badge and asked, “What is a Greek on Tour?”


The weather has turned beautiful, if a little chilly this morning – 46 degrees.  We’ll be leaving tomorrow and headed towards Texas where we’ll be visiting with our new sponsors, Tengo Internet.  Then it’s off to Albuquerque for THE Rally.  Jim says it was 26 degrees this morning in Albuquerque :-(

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